for the love of pork

The world's greatest protein.

Let's celebrate pork! From cuts to recipes to amazing nutritional value — the title of “world's greatest protein” is well-deserved.

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What to look for at the store or butcher shop:

Ruby Colored Muscle/Meat

Inter-muscular Fat & Marbling


Don’t be scared of fat!

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How to cook pork.

Wholestone Recipes

Each month, Wholestone Farms will feature amazing pork recipes from our very own team members. We hope you enjoy these culinary pork delights!

Pork Marbella

Pork Marbella

Presented by Katherine Ulmer

Spicy Pork Bowl

Spicy Pork Bowl

Presented by Aaron Hoffman

Baked Pork Chops

Baked Pork Chops

Presented by Allyssia Neiman

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The original superfood.

Percentage of daily nutritional requirements received:

Based on a 6oz. piece of pork consumed.

There is care & craftsmanship in the product we provide.

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