Our farms

Midwest proud.

Farmer owned.

Our farms take pride in ensuring quality products through nutrition, genetics, sustainability & exceptional animal care.

▼   Why wholestone farms   

We're uniquely integrated to serve customers globally.

We have pork!

Wholestone Farms is the 10th largest pork producer in the US.

Quality? Guaranteed.

From breeding to processing, our products are made with generational farming pride.

Trust is a must.

Enjoy the same quality pork we put on our table and serve our families as yours.

▼   sustainability   

Our farms have five pillars of sustainability.

Good Employee Practices

Food Safety & Quality Assurance

Community Involvement

Consumer Choice

Animal Welfare


Learn all about our commitment to sustainability.

▼   our Producers   

Wholestone quality starts here.


Our unique integrated supply chain delivers our pork provisions around the globe.

“Wholestone Farms and its farmer-owners have a strong culture of corporate citizenship.”

— Dr. Luke Minion, CEO, Wholestone Farms

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