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Our new facility in

Sioux Falls.

Wholestone Farms is committed to building a farmer-owned, pork processing facility in Sioux Falls.

▼   Why Sioux Falls   

Sioux Falls is an ideal location for our farm families, team members & community.

Close to Home

Wholestone Farms is owned by 200 family farms that are proudly located in the Midwest. Approximately 70 of our farmer-owners live within a 50- mile radius of Sioux Falls.

Not a Typical Plant

This will be a state-of-the-art facility, that will have the latest technology & design. Our investment and operational practices will significantly reduce odor and will be committed to contributing to the environment.

Community Focused

Wholestone Farms is a true community partner, that is committed to adding more to the community. Being located in the city of Sioux Falls will allow the company & team members to be a part of the tapestry of this wonderful community.

▼   The Impact   

$ billion
Annual Economic Impact
Full Time Employees
$ million
Anticipated Capital Investment

▼   The facility   

A state-of-the-art facility.

▼   Philanthropy   

Our commitment to the community.

▼   Frequently asked   

Wholestone Farms will be a significant, new employer. We’re sensitive to the housing needs of the community and our future employees. With a minimum of three years to plan for our project, we’re prepared to help the community leverage the increased tax base that will be realized as a result of our project to help provide for additional housing support. There are a multitude of ways to support the housing needs in the community, and our team is open to those ways as determined best by the Sioux Falls community. We want to be part of the solution and would challenge other major employers in Sioux Falls and the region to join us in this effort.

Wholestone Farms is committed to being a good steward of the environment. We plan on investing over $45 million in a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment system that will exceed current and future compliance limits set forth by the EPA and the state of South Dakota. This includes accounting for significant reductions of total nitrogen — including ammonia — and phosphorous. Additionally, the wastewater system will be designed to capture biogas and reduce overall carbon emissions of operations, while managing air quality and minimizing odor.

System reliability and on-site stormwater management will be paramount, including stopgap measures to virtually eliminate the impact of upset events including those resulting from major rain events.

The wastewater system will include covered lagoons. It will be designed and maintained with the latest technologies to minimize odor. Livestock delivery trucks will also be scheduled and staged to minimize odor.

Wholestone Farms’ entire operation will be designed to exceed the Title V air permitting requirements for the state of South Dakota. Our design will incorporate wet scrubbers and thermal oxidation technologies for emissions and odor control. These technologies, combined with good management practices, will provide many distinct advantages to older facilities.

The site surrounding the new facility will include low-impact design features such as bioretention cells, vegetative swales, native plantings, buffer strips and other green solutions that result in cleaner air, water and improved habitat. While the surrounding land uses are industrial in nature, our farmer owners are sensitive to designing an operation that is environmentally conscientious.

Wholestone Farms will be an active and engaged corporate citizen. We intend on setting up a new office in Sioux Falls and engaging with civic, business, environmental and nonprofit leaders well in advance of commencing construction of our facility. We have every intention of working closely with groups such as, but not limited to, Lutheran Social Services, the Multi- Cultural Center, Sioux Falls School District and other stakeholders in an effort to provide future employees and their families the resources necessary to optimize their full potential in the community. Wholestone Farms has a rich tradition of being engaged and supportive of area nonprofits in the communities where we operate.

“I love the town, I love being a resident, and I care deeply about the project being everything I want to be proud of — that means the odor, the workforce and the appearance.”

— Dr. Luke Minion, Board Chair of Wholestone —

▼   sustainability   

Our five pillars of sustainability.

Animal Welfare


Community Involvement

Food Safety & Quality

Good Employee Practices

Midwest proud. Farmer owned.